The Winners!
English language learning online challenges

English language learning online is fun when you compete for prizes in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

That's the idea behind these contest challenges. Although there's usually only one grand prize winner for each contest, everyone who enters gets a chance to practice and improve their English. On this page, we salute our contest winners. 

Contest Results

November 2014 Thanksgiving Contest

Congratulations to Quimelin from Port-au-Prince, Haiti!

September 2014 #StrongerThan Contest

Congratulations to Yasminka from Munich, Germany!

May 2014 Spring Break Contest

Congratulations to Jimena from Texas, USA!

March 2014 My Dream Car Contest

Congratulations to Ibrahim from France!

February 2014 St. Valentine's Day Contest

Congratulations to Suskia from Switzerland!

January 2014 Best Olympic Moment Contest

Congratulations to Ali A. from France!

December 2013 "YOLO" Contest

The best essay was written by Siddharth from India!

November 2013 "What I'm Thankful For" Contest

And the winner is Diego R from Mexico!

October 2013 Scary Story Contest

Congratulations, the winner is  Meri A. from Kosovo!

I hope that everyone who entered the contest found the challenge to be a good opportunity to practice. Just remember that the more you practice, the better your English is going to be and you will also learn the language faster.

Thank you for your participation and I sincerely hope that you will enter again every month.

All the best with your English studies!

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