Cameron Russell's talk

by Itamar Lahover
(Tel Aviv)

For a beginning and for a ordinary model that talk was very good except a bit pressure while Cameron talks. In general Cameron Russell talked pretty good for a first time at TED.

I think she is without any doubt right, the society and the movie media, the clothes media and generally everything we allowed to see is just the skinniest and the most beautiful that there is. And, because of these actors and models most of the people in the world doesn't like what they see when they look in the mirror.

I think Cameron showed us is what we all need to understand, all of those pictures of those models get Photoshop, the models get a lot of makeup before shooting, they have an unreal diets and more. As Cameron said there are a pretty definite parameter of beauty and it is really hard to understand it but most of us aren't the definition of beauty.

(This essay is in regards to Cameron Russell's TED Talk which is available to view on this website).

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