Beauty and Thinking

by Tamir Carmel

I think that the video was very interesting and inspiring. I agree with the statement that looks are superficial but powerful because if you beautiful so more people love you because they want to be like you.

I think that photos of models in magazines are harmful to regular women and girls because, when women and girls see those pictures, they wants to be like the models and it's will hurt them. There are some people that will hurt themselves to be like the models but they are don't understands that they never will be like those models.

Models are insecure about their physical look because this is their job and if their physical look will not be good then they will be insecure. I love my look because this this is me and I accept all my advantages and disadvantages of my look. My look don't cause me difficulties.

(This comment is in response to Cameron Russell's TED Talk, which you can view by clicking here).

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