Learning English Animals Vocabulary

A collage of all of the animal icons featured on this page.

[Note: This animals vocabulary pronunciation is in American English]

Animals words are some of the first words we learn in English. If you have a pet or like animals, this is a great topic for one of your first English conversations.

This is a list of popular animals but it is not complete. There are many types of animals that are not on this list. In English, we use "animals" to describe the broad list of living beings that are not plants. In this list of animals vocabulary, you'll find:

  • mammal:  an animal that feeds milk to its young and usually has fur or hair covering its body.  (e.g., rabbit, dog, fox, bear, rhinoceros)
  • bird:  an animal that has feathers and wings. (e.g., turkey, parrot)
  • reptile: an animal that has a hard or scaly body, lays eggs and has cold blood. (e.g., snake, turtle)
  • fish: an animal that has cold blood, lives in the water and breathes with gills, is often covered with scales and usually has fins. (e.g., sea horse, shark)
  • invertebrate:  an animal that does not have a backbone.  (e.g., crab, octopus, squid, starfish, jellyfish)

There are many more animals of course, but this is a good list to start with.

Animals vocabulary video

The video provides a chance to hear each word pronounced and there is a pause after each word so that you can say the words to practice your pronunciation.

When you're finished, leave a comment below to let us know what some of your favorite animals are.

Click the audio player below to hear the pronunciation.

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Learning English Animals Vocabulary

Now that you've heard the words pronounced, you can review the whole list of English animals vocabulary covered in the video.

This list includes the name of the animal as well as the baby name for the animal.

There is also the name we use to call a group of these types of animals.

For example, we call a baby dog a "puppy." We call a group of dogs together a "pack" of dogs. You could say the robber was attacked by a "group of dogs" but it would be more accurate to say he was attacked by a "pack" of dogs.

Of course, mother-tongue English speakers do not know the names of all of the babies or groups of animals. Native speakers probably know every animal on this list and many of the common baby names.

So, don't worry about memorizing everything.

It will help you sometimes, however, when you are reading about animals or listening to programs about them.

Key to terms on this animals vocabulary list:

name of animal / baby name

name of group of these animals


bear / bear cub  (name of animal  / baby name)

sloth of bears (name of group of these animals)


camel / camel calf

pack of camels


cat / kitten

clutter of cats / litter of kittens


* called "cattle" (cow is the name of female cattle) but in English we commonly call all of them "cows"

calf (name of baby cattle)

herd of cattle (cows)


crab / zoea larva

cast of crabs


crocodile / crocodile hatchling

bask of crocodiles


deer / doe

herd of deer*

(*note:  plural of deer is also deer)


dog / puppy

pack of dogs


dolphin / dolphin pup (or dolphin calf)

pod of dolphins


duck / duckling

flock of ducks


elephant / elephant calf

herd of elephants


fish / fingerling

school of fish


fox / fox cub

skulk (or troop) of foxes


giraffe / calf

herd of giraffe


goat / kid (or billy)

herd of goats


hedgehog / piglet (or pup)

array of hedgehogs

hermit crab

hermit crab

cast of hermit crabs


hippopotamus / calf

herd of hippopotamuses (or hippopotami)


horse / foal  

herd of horses


jellyfish / ephyna  

bloom (or swarm) of jellyfish


kangaroo / joey 

herd (or troop) of kangaroo

killer whale

killer whale / calf 

herd of killer whales


lion / lion cub 

pride of lions


monkey / infant monkey

troop of monkeys



panda bear

panda bear / panda bear cub 

sloth of panda bears


peacock* / peachick 

(*peafowl is the animal name and peacock is the name for male peafowl).

muster of peacocks


pig / piglet 

herd of pigs


rabbit / bunny

colony (or drove) of rabbits


rhinoceros / calf

crash of rhinoceros (or rhinoceroses)




shark / pup

school (or shiver) of sharks


sheep / lamb

herd (or flock) of sheep*

(*note:  plural of sheep is also sheep)


shrimp* / baby shrimp

(*note:  plural of shrimp is shrimp or shrimps)


snake / snakelet (or hatchling)

bed (or nest) of snakes




tiger / cub (or whelp)

ambush (or streak) of tigers


turkey / poult (or chick)

rafter of turkeys


turtle / hatchling

bale of turtles


whale / calf

pod (or school) of whales


wolf / pup (or whelp)

pack of wolves


zebra / foal

herd of zebra

Test your knowledge with this short quiz

Time to practice!

Learning English animals vocabulary takes practice and I hope this was helpful. You can also practice more animal names in this fun listening exercise here. Listen as Mel does animal impressions (makes the different sounds of animals).

What are some of your favorite animals? Which animals have you seen in person? Do you have any of these animals as pets?

Now, take a moment to practice your English. You can write answers to the questions on a sheet of paper or practice speaking either out loud to yourself or with a speaking partner. Remember, practice is the only way to improve your English!

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