Aimee Mullins TED Talk Quiz

Quiz Questions

1.  What are prostheses?

a.  disabled people

b.  artificial body parts

c.  human legs

2.  Aimee says that children are naturally curious about things they don’t know or understand and only become afraid of differences when someone influences them.

a.  true

b.  false

3.  This was the fourth time Aimee gave a TED Talk.

a.  true

b.  false

4.  Why did Aimee give her first TED Talk? (There may be more than one correct answer; check all that are true):

a.  To get the medical community to make cheaper prostheses.

b.  To get artists involved in making prosthetic legs.

c.  To raise money for her Olympic training.

d.  To encourage designers, artists and engineers to work together with medical professionals to create new prostheses.

5.  Aimee modeled hand-carved wooden legs on the runway at a fashion show.

a.  true

b.  false

6.  Aimee is normally 6’1″.

a.  true

b.  false

Quiz Answers

1.  b

2.  a

3.  b

4.  d

5.  true

6.  false

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