Idiom:  one’s hands are full


Idiom:  one’s hands are full / have one’s hands full

  • to be very busy

Example sentences

  • During registration we have our hands full with many different tasks.
  • At the moment I can’t take on any new clients because my hands are already full.
  • I'm sorry I haven't called sooner. Our hands are really full since we had the baby.
  • My hands are full this morning filling orders but if you could come by  after 2:00 pm I'd be happy to give you more information about our services.
  • Your hands seem very full these days. Perhaps you should hire an assistant.
  • When I was working full-time, my hands were always full and I never had time to just relax and appreciate the small wonders of life.
  • We have our hands full during tax season because so many clients wait until the last minute to give us the information we need to prepare their tax returns.


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